UTN has its antecedent in the Universidad Obrera Nacional created in 1948.

The only national university whose academic structure places engineering as the central objective. It arises with the function of creating, preserving and transmitting, the technique and the universal culture in the field of technology.

Today it is one of the three largest national universities in the country, with 56 thousand students distributed in its 29 Regional Faculties.


Facultad Regional Santa Fe

UTN Santa Fe began its activities in 1953, integrating the group of five founding faculties of the National Technological University. In his sixty years of academic life he has established strong ties with the productive sector of the coastal region and the entire community.

Today it is a center of reference in the training of engineers and subjects related to civil engineering, electrical, mechanical, industrial and information systems.

Our people
    3000 students
    430 teachers
    144 researchers
    100 non-teaching

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